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Announcing “Design the Invisible” Presentation

Announcing “Design the Invisible” Presentation

No, machines are not taking over and your career is not doomed. Trust me, I got your back.

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, the core concept of UI Design is being challenged by emerging technologies. Today, design is much more than what shows in the interface, and visuals from the design is slowly fading away. A lot of the user experience happens beyond what shows, and design is becoming more and more invisible. As a result, design has become much less than what it looks like, and more about how it works.

Designers play a very important role in bridging the gap between humans and machines. We’re a bridge, if you will, that can help humans and machines understand each other better. I am here to help you understand how designers can drive this AI revolution and help make the most out of this human/machine relationship.

Join me for a special presentation “Design the Invisible”, a one-hour lecture on how to design for AI and ML technologies. I will talk about how the world has changed and what position designers hold.

Date: Sunday, Apil 18 2021 at 5:00pm Nepal Time
Venue: Google Meet (Link will be sent after payment)
Entry Fee: Rs. 500

Presentation will be conducted via Google Meet and there is a Rs. 500 entry fee to attend. Simply leave your email address below and you will be sent instructions on how to pay and attend the presentation.

EDIT Apr 18, 2021: Thank you everyone for your exciting participation. The intake form has now been removed from this post as the event has ended.