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Being a millennial in a mad modern world

A very simple example of listening to music — if you wanted to listen to a favorite song you either had to wait all week so that it would play in a radio program on a specific day of the week (so that you could record it into you blank audio tape); and you’d hope that enough people would request for it so that the RJ would want to play it for you; or you were ready to make a monetary commitment to go to the record shop and buy an audio cassette. We did not have fancy music apps and fancy algorithms that told you which song should be your next favorite song. Thus, music composers were compelled to make good music, cassette companies were compelled to produce good music. Everything remained in order that way. Since we had to work for things we wanted, unlike current generation, we did not have things readily at our disposal. This, in turn, shaped us in a way that we do not feel the sense of entitlement. We still like to go the longer route of earning things. Something, my generation has taught me, something I’ve realized growing up in a world that was transitioning and fast! And this wasn’t even very long time ago: I was born in the late eighties and grew up during the nineties and things were much different back then. Our sensibilities were different, our parents taught us to be principled and we worked our way up. Something, unfortunately, this generation hasn’t been able to inherit.