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Chernobyl on HBO is marvelous!

Chernobyl on HBO is marvelous!
The real danger is that if we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize the truth at all.
Chernobyl. This HBO miniseries stayed in my mind for couple of days after I watched it. I was constantly thinking how it must have felt to witness the trauma first-hand, how treacherous the following years might have been to its survivors. It was intense, it was arresting and above all it was chilling to remain aware that all this actually happened in real life. The pain is very real: and what’s even amazing is how the production team has painted an accurate picture of the incident. The characters are very believable, the production design is incredible and there is one nail-biting sequence after another. The background sound adds to the mayhem and tension building in each frame. It is also very relatable, at times when the need to talk about nuclear has been bigger than ever. The price an ordinary citizen has to pay when their government lies to them is a burning risk everywhere today. Chernobyl tells a historic tale that stays very relevant in today‚Äôs context. A must watch. Top image is from HBO.