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Learn Design Workshop is back!

That’s right. Both my design workshop, Learn UX Design and Learn UI Design are back, and I am actively seeking participants to join this edition.

Learn UX Design (starts January 9, 2022) is first-of-its kind learning workshops where we will go from idea to prototype, whereas the third edition of Learn UI Design (starts June 12, 2022) will focus on how to build aesthetically good-looking apps.

UI Design Workshop has been massively upgraded and modified based on participants’ feedback. For the first-time UX Design workshop, I am thrilled more than ever!

The impact of previous design workshops

The overall response from participants has been very positive. Let me say 90% positive. I am so delighted to say that two of my workshop participants got hired in Leapfrog. More than 40% of the past participants of the UI Workshop have expressed interest to join the UX and future workshops. This is a big win for me and a validation that it indeed became a stepping stone for them in their career. Also, many designers have said they got lesson worth several hundred dollars had they taken similar workshop elsewhere. So all in all, I truly think it worked!

“A really great platform for all design enthusiasts! It helps you season yourself as a designer because the curriculum covers impactful and relevant information that a budding designer should know- things that you can’t find in a textbook.”

Dilasha Shrestha, UX researcher currently Graduate Assistant at University of Arkansas

“The best part of the workshop was when Swapnil dai led by example, it was very creative and comprehensible.”

Suzal Gurung, Creative Officer at YUWA

What happened? Why did the workshops suddenly go offline?

Because good things happened in my life. On August 30, we gave birth to a baby girl. Anticipating how life would suddenly change when you have a baby, I hurriedly concluded the UI workshop in February and cancelled UX workshop that was scheduled for July/August 2021. Our daughter is doing well, she’s almost close to being three months old and I think now I can buy some time to focus on the workshop: doing things I like the most.

I am now in a good position to balance an infant, my day job and this workshop. It is very exciting to be back.

The world is slowly opening up. Will these workshops still be virtual?

Yes. There is no reason why these need to go offline. I have mentioned this clearly in my previous blog. I have had participants joining in from Morang, Gulmi and even Japan. So why make it difficult for them to join? Also, the cost of workshop will increase substantially if I decide to hire a place and serve lunch. So I want to continue doing it virtually. These workshops will forever be virtual-first.

How is the UX design workshop going to be?

I think it’s going to be awesome. This is something that has probably never been done before in Nepal. The initial interest was awesome, but I do feel slightly bad I had to ask them to wait for several months. I hope most of them return. I’m going to send them a nudge (to all those who registered before May 2021). You can check the syllabus for yourself and let me know if including anything else would make it more valuable.

Did you learn from your mistakes in UI Design Workshop?

Yes, I did. Mistakes where made in the last two UI Design Workshops. I have tried to improve upon everything I received feedback for. You spoke and I listened. Here are the top big changes in the Learn UI Design workshop:

  • The course content has been slashed. I know we tried doing too much in six weeks. It was overwhelming to both you and me. The course is much shorter and easier to tackle.
  • The difficulty level of UI Workshop has been changed from “Beginner” to “Intermediate”. I realized some design knowledge is required even if I previously said it isn’t. Some participants got totally lost and were unable to comprehend. Please be aware of this before applying.
  • I will speak less. 😀 Yes, this was one of the top feedbacks. The sessions are going to be more engaging and less “preachy”. I have reduced the overall number of slides. Also, since content is less, we will have time after every session to discuss.
  • Assignments will take the center stage. I agree we were not able to bring a solid outcome except for shared knowledge. This workshop has a dedicated presentation session in the last week where participants will have to present their work.
  • More organic examples. I have removed most off-the-shelf examples to explain various design concepts. We will be using real-time examples this time around.

Also if you noticed, the courses page have a brand new layout. Also, I am now using a WordPress page template to make these courses infinitely scalable. I can add more courses in the future without breaking my site. This is a big win, also a tease to more upcoming workshops.

So yea, I am very very excited to be doing this again. I welcome you to join me in the workshops. Please feel free to register for the courses before the application deadline and I will meet you virtually.