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Learn UX Design

Go from idea to prototype and test your product with real users.

Workshop will commence in Spring 2022

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Course introduction

User experience goes beyond pretty pixels. In this workshop, we will try to go a level deep into the minds of our users and build a product they’d want to use.

UX knowledge is important no matter who you are. Regardless of what work you do, if you’re building something for your customers, you need to understand how they think, behave and react. The success of your product is directly proportional to how well it is designed. Introducing Learn UX Design, a workshop targeted towards product designers, project managers, aspiring CEO’s, front-end developers — actually anyone who wants to take a peek into their users’ minds.

This six weeks course will explore various aspects of how to gather the right context for designing a feature or the whole product, ensure that your users are involved in the process and you gain valuable insights by testing your hypotheses. We will begin by understanding how users interact with the system, and gradually work our way up to how to collect research data and analyze it. 

Meanwhile, we will also work on a solid case study using the materials from the workshop. You will test your ideas with real people and conduct real user interviews and write a real design discovery document. S##t just got real!

The syllabus

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What is your takeaway?

You will learn the concepts of interaction design and the math of experience that comes into play while designing successful products. We will follow the standard design thinking process to ideate and validate our solution. We will take a peek at human behavior and human psychology and understand how human minds react to a product designed in a certain way.

You will also conduct real user tests using the prototypes you will build and you will analyse the findings of those tests to iterate your ideas. There will be real sessions with real users that you will need to conduct in order to test your hypotheses.

The end product of the workshop should be a case study that you will complete highlighting the problem and the solution you created based on your findings. All this will be done remotely.

Who should attend?

This course is targetted toward UI designers, web designers with some experience in the related field.. Addtionally, this course is great for project managers, product designers or aspiring CEO's as well. If you want to level up your product knowledge, then this course is for you.

Frequently asked questions

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About the trainer

Swapnil Acharya - Trainer

Swapnil Acharya is an award-winning digital designer with experience in all things design. From print, to web to interactive to film poster design, Swapnil has been there and done that.

Currently, he is a full-time product designer at Leapfrog Technology where he gets to play with cool ideas and lead an awesome team. Swapnil has extensive experience in building apps for mobile and the web. He has worked with corporate giants as well as budding start-ups in both Nepal and the USA. He loves to talk about design whenever there is a chance.