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An AI generated image of a designer working on her workdesk

November 2, 2023

A Guide to Design Internship

Let`s break down the key insights on design internships, covering topics like defining your goals, creating a standout portfolio, choosing the right company, and setting realistic expectations.

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A person holding a yellow flower in their hand

July 21, 2023

How to practice mindfulness in design

By incorporating mindfulness into my daily routine, including mindful breathing exercises and moments of gratitude, I have developed a heightened sense of presence and focus, enabling me to approach each design task with renewed energy and creativity.

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A photo of a designer working with a customer

March 31, 2023

The Role of a Designer in CX Design

CX design is the process of creating a positive and seamless experience for customers. It is all about understanding your customers needs, wants, and preferences, and designing your products and services to meet those needs.

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A designer seen from a distance working on his computer desk

September 12, 2022

Why designers need to be great communicators?

As a designer, it is in your primary job description to be a good communicator. Unlike developers, you cannot afford to complete a design work by sitting in the corner desk in isolation.

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