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How is building a great product like a fitness journey

Discover the surprising parallels between achieving fitness goals and creating successful products.

Photo of a treadmill in the gym

When the pandemic hit, I ended up being much less active than usual. I gained weight and had higher levels of things like triglycerides and cholesterol.

So, I decided to change things. I began working out to get back in shape. Little did I know that this personal journey would show me something interesting. It would help me see how working out and making great products have a lot in common. Through my own experience, I learned how having a daily routine, being disciplined, and making continuous improvements are important for both getting fit and being good at managing products.

Keeping a Routine and Staying On Track

Just like I needed to stick to a workout routine, creating good products also needs a plan that you stick to. When I exercise every day, my body gets stronger bit by bit. Similarly, if people working on products stick to a plan and do a little every day, their product gets better over time.

Trying, Failing, and Learning

When I first started working out, I couldn’t do everything perfectly. I stumbled sometimes, but I kept going. Making great products is similar. At first, the product might not be perfect, and things might not work as planned. But just like I learned from my mistakes while working out, product makers learn from their mistakes and make things better.

Setting Goals and Tracking Progress

When I began working out, I set goals like “complete 2 kilometers in 20 minutes”. I also kept track of how I was doing. In making products, people set goals too. They want their product to do certain things. They also keep track of how the product is doing and make changes if needed.

Changing and Getting Better

As I kept exercising, I could do more without getting tired. Right now, I can easily hit 2x mark of when I started. I changed my routine to challenge myself. In the same way, products can’t stay the same forever. They need to change and improve to stay useful. People working on products listen to feedback and make changes to make the product better for users.

Being Patient and Not Giving Up

Getting fit takes time. I didn’t see big changes right away. But I didn’t give up. Seriously, for the first 2 weeks, I felt nothing but just made me sweat like a pig. Making great products also takes time. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but people don’t give up. They keep trying and keep making the product better.

As I reflect on my journey to lose weight, I can see how much I’ve learned about the similarities between getting fit and making great products. I’ve lost 6 kg in just 2 months, which shows that the combination of having a plan, staying disciplined, and making gradual improvements truly works.

Just like I continue my cardio regimen to keep improving my health, product makers continue refining their products to better serve their users. Whether it’s in the realm of personal fitness or professional product development, the principles of dedication, adaptation, and persistence remain remarkably similar, leading to success in both areas.