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Tagged #opinion

A photo of Steve Jobs keynpte presenting Mac OSX

October 14, 2020blog

Things we can learn from an Apple Keynote Event

Apple Event Team, take a bow. You guys are just incredible — even the last three “virtual” events have been nothing but amazing!

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A stylized graphic of the 1000 rupee Nepali bank note

September 28, 2020blog

That thing about doing a design favor to your friend

There is a word in Nepali, “Fokat”. I am particularly intrigued by this word — and how deeply it’s rooted in our culture. How easily we gather guts to ask somebody for a favor.

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An abandoned decaying motor vehicle left to rot

December 2, 2020blog

Staying relevant in times of change

I was suddenly irrelevant. My skills were no longer useful. This really scared me. I really did not see a way I could get back doing what I once did so well.

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A person working from home on their couch

March 28, 2020blog

Home is where the work is

Work from home in 2020 suddenly became a necessity. Read on how my part expercience from my past freelancing experience helped me prepare for the pandemic

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