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Tagged #careers

A neon sign that says "Panic Na Garnu La"

September 26, 2019blog

A Designer’s Guide to Design Job Interviews

I think sharing my experiences can help designers applying for jobs to get better insight and ideas on how to appear prepared in one of these design job interviews.

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A poorly designed graphic to imitate the style of designs produced by local design shops around Bagbazar area in Kathmandu

May 31, 2021blog

Is “Bagbazar Design” a real thing?

Bagbazar Design is notorious and you see it everywhere, and slowly it has even creeped its way into social media and digital marketing.

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A person standing in an elevated place with orange light filling up the space

March 10, 2021blog

How to build a designer CV that doesn’t suck

How do I make a kick-ass CV? What does it take to make that perfect first impression? What is a good CV, and why is the bar even higher for designers?

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A screenshot of the Dreax app that I built

October 25, 2019blog

Content is the King. Take a bow, peasants!

Making an app and putting it out there is the easiest thing, the difficult part is making it work. Because content is the king, and you are banana republic.

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A stylized graphic of the 1000 rupee Nepali bank note

September 28, 2020blog

That thing about doing a design favor to your friend

There is a word in Nepali, “Fokat”. I am particularly intrigued by this word — and how deeply it’s rooted in our culture. How easily we gather guts to ask somebody for a favor.

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An AI generated image of a designer working on her workdesk

November 2, 2023podcast

A Guide to Design Internship

Let`s break down the key insights on design internships, covering topics like defining your goals, creating a standout portfolio, choosing the right company, and setting realistic expectations.

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A screenshot from the Design Leadership Youtube video

December 10, 2022video

How to become a better design leader?

Leadership in design is not just a technical quality, but a glue that builds strong teams and delivers better outcomes

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A photo of a plant in the foreground with a design workshop virutal event going on in a laptop in the background

June 24, 2021blog

10 things I learned conducting a design workshop

50+ aspirants have graduated from this local home-grown design workshop and so far the impact has been phenomenal

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A photo of someone climbing up blue stairs

June 3, 2020blog

Being a designer in a post-COVID world

Once this COVID pandemic is over, design will drive business transformation, and I really urge designers to take the drivers seat for this

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A graphic that shows evolution of a designers portfolio from Akamuru perspective

August 30, 2023blog

How a Designer’s Website Evolves Through Different Stages in Their Career

Just like characters develop in the Naruto series, designers grow in their careers. As they move through different career stages, their personal websites also change

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A photo of a person burning some twigs in the jungle

August 10, 2020blog

Do you feel the burn? 🔥

A designer’s guide to coping with work-related burnout and remidal measure to boost your productivity during the time of coronavirus

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A graphic of a stylish cat wearing red glasses standing in front of disco balls

December 17, 2019blog

Graphic Design Experience won’t get you a UI/UX Job

Print design does not qualify as UI/UX Design. So the next time you think of including your lovely logos while applying for a job in a tech company, think again.

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An illustration of a graphic designer painting on top of a mobile app

August 9, 2023blog

Embracing the Design Rollercoaster: From Graphics to Product with a UX Twist

Graphic designers face challenges transitioning, but with learning and collaboration, the creative dots connect. Different, yet similar, these design realms enrich each other, creating a design family reunion.

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A graphic of two floating iPhones showing a design mockup on the screen

August 22, 2021video

How to write impactful case studies

Design case studies is storytelling. It’s explaining the other person what the situation was, what you problems you discovered and how did you solve the said problem

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A lone red boat swimming in a vast blue ocean

September 1, 2017blog

I left the company I co-founded

The startup thing is good. It’s good to do the thing you like. It’s fun also. But take a step back and look at the bigger picture — where is it taking you. It should take you somewhere. If you’re not moving (you must personally move along with the company) then it’s going to be very dangerous

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A photo of someone climbing up blue stairs

July 1, 2019blog

Machines are taking over, and your design career is doomed

I was in Singapore a couple of weeks ago to attend a design masterclass. I was venturing into the unknown, the invisible. This was fascinating as I embarked on a journey to visualize the invisible.

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An abandoned decaying motor vehicle left to rot

December 2, 2020blog

Staying relevant in times of change

I was suddenly irrelevant. My skills were no longer useful. This really scared me. I really did not see a way I could get back doing what I once did so well.

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A photo of two people wearing LED masks depicting toxicity.

March 20, 2021blog

5 ways to improve toxic client-designer relationship

I did a lot of recollection of what went wrong with the client and designer relationship, and here are a couple of things I came out of the project with.

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