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Tagged #design

A photo of Steve Jobs keynpte presenting Mac OSX

October 14, 2020blog

Things we can learn from an Apple Keynote Event

Apple Event Team, take a bow. You guys are just incredible — even the last three “virtual” events have been nothing but amazing!

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A graphic showing comparison of 3 UI designs made in Figma, Sketch and a suspense third one

July 25, 2021video

The best design tool does not exi—

As a designer, you must understand what you are doing, rather than be too carried away learning how to master a design tool.

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A person standing in an elevated place with orange light filling up the space

March 10, 2021blog

How to build a designer CV that doesn’t suck

How do I make a kick-ass CV? What does it take to make that perfect first impression? What is a good CV, and why is the bar even higher for designers?

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A clickbait photo of the author pointing at something pointed at with a screaming emoji

June 7, 2020blog

The Art of Deception — A Designer’s Handbook to Cheating Users

There are certain ways you, as a designer can ensure that your users are deceived. You won’t believe the third point will blow your mind.

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A stylized graphic of the 1000 rupee Nepali bank note

September 28, 2020blog

That thing about doing a design favor to your friend

There is a word in Nepali, “Fokat”. I am particularly intrigued by this word — and how deeply it’s rooted in our culture. How easily we gather guts to ask somebody for a favor.

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A screenshot from the Design Leadership Youtube video

December 10, 2022video

How to become a better design leader?

Leadership in design is not just a technical quality, but a glue that builds strong teams and delivers better outcomes

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An illustration of someone looking thorugh a telescope and seeing large bar charts.

March 7, 2017blog

Designing the Design at Leapfrog

How the design process at Leapfrog works, and how we’ve been helping our customers build better software with a thought-driven design process

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A photo of a designers desk, facing the window away from the office

July 17, 2020blog

Eight things I learned running a startup

I think it would be a good idea to do a retrospect and give some pointers to people setting out to launch their own startup

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A composite of design mockup placed inside iPhone frames

September 8, 2020blog

In my defense for super-flat UI design

I’m proud to be a flat-UI designer and embrace aspect of it. Loving the flatness is just like being a flat-earther, but better

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A person holding a yellow flower in their hand

July 21, 2023podcast

How to practice mindfulness in design

By incorporating mindfulness into my daily routine, including mindful breathing exercises and moments of gratitude, I have developed a heightened sense of presence and focus, enabling me to approach each design task with renewed energy and creativity.

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A photo of a mentor teaching his students

December 16, 2018blog

Sorry, I can’t teach you how to design

I cannot teach design because it’s not something that I can train you over a session. I won’t give you instructions and you’ll manage to pull off a million dollar interface in a week. It doesn’t work that way.'

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An abandoned decaying motor vehicle left to rot

December 2, 2020blog

Staying relevant in times of change

I was suddenly irrelevant. My skills were no longer useful. This really scared me. I really did not see a way I could get back doing what I once did so well.

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