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Tagged #uidesign

A graphic showing comparison of 3 UI designs made in Figma, Sketch and a suspense third one

July 25, 2021video

The best design tool does not exi—

As a designer, you must understand what you are doing, rather than be too carried away learning how to master a design tool.

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A photo of a designers desk, facing the window away from the office

July 17, 2020blog

Eight things I learned running a startup

I think it would be a good idea to do a retrospect and give some pointers to people setting out to launch their own startup

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A composite of design mockup placed inside iPhone frames

September 8, 2020blog

In my defense for super-flat UI design

I’m proud to be a flat-UI designer and embrace aspect of it. Loving the flatness is just like being a flat-earther, but better

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A photo of a mentor teaching his students

December 16, 2018blog

Sorry, I can’t teach you how to design

I cannot teach design because it’s not something that I can train you over a session. I won’t give you instructions and you’ll manage to pull off a million dollar interface in a week. It doesn’t work that way.'

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