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Tagged #opinions

A neon sign that says "Panic Na Garnu La"

September 26, 2019blog

A Designer’s Guide to Design Job Interviews

I think sharing my experiences can help designers applying for jobs to get better insight and ideas on how to appear prepared in one of these design job interviews.

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A poorly designed graphic to imitate the style of designs produced by local design shops around Bagbazar area in Kathmandu

May 31, 2021blog

Is “Bagbazar Design” a real thing?

Bagbazar Design is notorious and you see it everywhere, and slowly it has even creeped its way into social media and digital marketing.

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A screenshot of the Dreax app that I built

October 25, 2019blog

Content is the King. Take a bow, peasants!

Making an app and putting it out there is the easiest thing, the difficult part is making it work. Because content is the king, and you are banana republic.

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A person drowing in a lake holding sparklers as they drown

May 20, 2022blog

Creativity is overrated

Creativity is counter-intuitive to designers who set out to re-invent the wheel. There are a bunch of thesis and principles that guide how users interact with the system

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A clickbait photo of the author pointing at something pointed at with a screaming emoji

June 7, 2020blog

The Art of Deception — A Designer’s Handbook to Cheating Users

There are certain ways you, as a designer can ensure that your users are deceived. You won’t believe the third point will blow your mind.

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A photo of a plant in the foreground with a design workshop virutal event going on in a laptop in the background

June 24, 2021blog

10 things I learned conducting a design workshop

50+ aspirants have graduated from this local home-grown design workshop and so far the impact has been phenomenal

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A graphic that shows evolution of a designers portfolio from Akamuru perspective

August 30, 2023blog

How a Designer’s Website Evolves Through Different Stages in Their Career

Just like characters develop in the Naruto series, designers grow in their careers. As they move through different career stages, their personal websites also change

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A photo of a designers desk, facing the window away from the office

July 17, 2020blog

Eight things I learned running a startup

I think it would be a good idea to do a retrospect and give some pointers to people setting out to launch their own startup

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A photo of a person burning some twigs in the jungle

August 10, 2020blog

Do you feel the burn? 🔥

A designer’s guide to coping with work-related burnout and remidal measure to boost your productivity during the time of coronavirus

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A graphic of a stylish cat wearing red glasses standing in front of disco balls

December 17, 2019blog

Graphic Design Experience won’t get you a UI/UX Job

Print design does not qualify as UI/UX Design. So the next time you think of including your lovely logos while applying for a job in a tech company, think again.

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A composite of design mockup placed inside iPhone frames

September 8, 2020blog

In my defense for super-flat UI design

I’m proud to be a flat-UI designer and embrace aspect of it. Loving the flatness is just like being a flat-earther, but better

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A photo of a designer making lo-fi prototypes on paper

May 23, 2020blog

Lo-fi wireframes don’t work, stop using them!

There is a specific reason why a wireframe is gotta be more than a skeleton for your UI Design. With realistic content, a wireframe gets its true meaning.

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A photo of someone climbing up blue stairs

July 1, 2019blog

Machines are taking over, and your design career is doomed

I was in Singapore a couple of weeks ago to attend a design masterclass. I was venturing into the unknown, the invisible. This was fascinating as I embarked on a journey to visualize the invisible.

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A photo of an iPad and Apple Pencil with something scribbed in Procreate app

May 15, 2021blog

Please take care and stay safe 😷

This is not really a blog post. It’s basically a jot down of things going around in my life and around me.

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A photo of a mentor teaching his students

December 16, 2018blog

Sorry, I can’t teach you how to design

I cannot teach design because it’s not something that I can train you over a session. I won’t give you instructions and you’ll manage to pull off a million dollar interface in a week. It doesn’t work that way.'

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A nicely made hotel bed with white linen and striped pillow covers

June 8, 2019blog

What designers must learn from the hotel industry

A good user experience is like a good hotel experience. People will not remember what color your bedsheets were, trust me. People will remember if they had troubles falling asleep.

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A photo of a movie theater with a big poop emoji placed on the screen

June 12, 2019blog

WTF Went Wrong with Nepali films?

Spoiler Alert: Nepali films are 💩 One after another film still tanks at the box office but the filmmakers are still very much adamant that they HAVE made good films, but the films aren’t working.

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