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Tagged #uxdesign

A graphic showing comparison of 3 UI designs made in Figma, Sketch and a suspense third one

July 25, 2021video

The best design tool does not exi—

As a designer, you must understand what you are doing, rather than be too carried away learning how to master a design tool.

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A photo of a designer working with a customer

March 31, 2023podcast

The Role of a Designer in CX Design

CX design is the process of creating a positive and seamless experience for customers. It is all about understanding your customers needs, wants, and preferences, and designing your products and services to meet those needs.

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A designer seen from a distance working on his computer desk

September 12, 2022podcast

Why designers need to be great communicators?

As a designer, it is in your primary job description to be a good communicator. Unlike developers, you cannot afford to complete a design work by sitting in the corner desk in isolation.

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A photo of a designer making lo-fi prototypes on paper

May 23, 2020blog

Lo-fi wireframes don’t work, stop using them!

There is a specific reason why a wireframe is gotta be more than a skeleton for your UI Design. With realistic content, a wireframe gets its true meaning.

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A screenshot of Swapnil Acharya presenting his YouTube video

July 20, 2021video

Are you sure you are a “UI/UX Designer”?

Please try to understand this fact that a UI/UX Designer is highly specialized individual focusing on a specific discipline of digital design

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A man’s silheoutte against a black background with lowered head in despair and grief

September 8, 2023blog

The UX of Bad News

Crafting compassionate user experiences in difficult situations is essential. Whether through email, web interfaces, or e-banking apps, empathy and clarity are key. Discover how to create interfaces that respect users’ emotions and privacy

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